·  Wastewater Engineering 

      ·  Septic System design, permitting, inspections (new and as-built) 

      ·  Authorized dealer and maintenance technician for Nayadic Aerobic Units 

     ·  Large Capacity Cesspools

      · Cesspool abandonment/conversions (Underground Injection Control) 

      · Soils Sampling and Reporting for Construction Development 

      · Grading and Drainage plans

      · Land Development (Planning, Consolidation, Subdivision) 

      ·  Flood Studies 

      ·  Retaining Wall Design

     · Construction Inspection 

     ·  Traffic Studies and Control Plans

     ·  DOT permitting, right-of-way permits

     ·  Geotechnical (Soils) Engineering 

     ·  Innovative Systems (Greywater, Effluent Reuse, Constructed Wetlands) 

     ·  Rainwater Harvesting (Catchment Systems) 

     ·  Variance applications, State and Federal reporting 

     ·  Permit routing/expediting 

     ·  Construction Referrals  

     ·  Grading and Drainage Plans

     · Water Service Plans (to include Out-of-Bounds and Elevation Agreements) 

     · Consultation (Architecture, Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Structural)